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Cajun Smoked Turkey on WSM — Lobel’s All Natural Turkey

I show you how to prep and smoke a Turkey on your WSM and show you a trick to keep the skin from getting burnt during the cook. This Turkey was gorgeous and tasted fabulous!!
I used Cherry wood with a chunk of Hickory for the smoke. I injected the bird with my own Cajun injection and enhanced the flavors by using some aromatics in the cavity of the bird during cooking.

This Fresh All Natural Turkey was provided by Lobel’s of New York:

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Cajun Smoked Turkey Recipe

Ingredients needed for cook:

10-12 pound Turkey
2 sticks salted butter
1/4 Cup Cajun Seasoning (Slap Ya Momma)
1/4 Cup Olive Oil
12 oz Apple Cider beer
1 Cap of Crab/Shrimp Boil
Fresh Thyme
Fresh Sage
Fresh Rosemary
Fresh Tarragon
Cheesecloth (enough to cover bird in single layer)

Injection liquid:
1 stick melted butter
Cajun Seasoning
Apple Cider Beer
Crab/Shrimp boil

Mix injection ingredients together and inject the breast in several places. Inject the legs once or twice. No need to inject the wings.

Pour and rub remaining injection liquid under skin of the bird. Add fresh herbs into the bird cavity.

Cheesecloth Covering:
Wrap bird in a single layer of cheesecloth. Mix together 1 stick of butter and olive oil, then pour mixture onto the cheesecloth making sure all of the cheesecloth is coated well. Wrap cheesecloth tightly around bird.

Smoking the Turkey:
Preheat your WSM to 300F. Add 1 chunk of Hickory wood and a handful of soaked Cherry chips. Place Turkey onto the WSM and cook for 30-45 minutes per pound. Turkey is done when the breasts read 165F on an instant read thermometer and legs should read about 175F. Rest Turkey for at least 30 minutes tented under tin foil. After resting, carve Turkey and enjoy!!!

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