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0 Comment September 2, 2015

T-ROY Gets Tagged!!! — Dinner Tag Response Video

My friend Heath tagged me to do a Dinner Tag Video, so I felt obliged to respond to the 10 questions.

Please visit and subscribe to all of my friends mentioned:

Heath’s Channel: Coonies Cajun Cooking

My friends that I tagged:

Keith Bettag’s YouTube Channel:…

Keith’s Facebook Group:…

Tango Joe’s YouTube Channel:…

Tango Spice YouTube Channel:…

Tango Spice Company:

James at Aim’em & Claim’em Smokers:…

And for those tagged in this video, here are the 10 questions:
1. Favorite Crock pot Meal
2. Favorite Easy Clean-up Meal
3. Favorite Pinterest Dish
4. Healthiest Dinner Dish you make
5. Favorite Soup you make
6. Most unique dish you make
7. Favorite Pasta Dish
8. Kids Favorite Meal
9. Dish you always bring to parties/Potluck’s/Gatherings
10. Keep this TAG alive!!! Tag 3 Friends!

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